Find an Opportunity

Find an Opportunity

Are you looking for a new challenge? Employers are looking for people with skills. Let us help find you a new posiion.

Post an Opportunity

Post an Opportunity

It's time to find some talented individuals for your business. Post your requirements and Corporation Associates will find a match.


HR Consulting

Is your business growing to a point where you need some advise? Our Associates will help you achieve your vision.

We Recruit Genuine Talent

Human talent is the strongest strategic advantage for a business.

Corporation Associates developed a database which uses AI technology to select candidates for open requisitions based on position descriptions as well as job requirements. Our technological advantage is how we source top rank candidates for our clients. Our candidates report back to us that they experience more satisfaction with the job they select over other methods of job searching. In addition, we have a low turnover rate by matching the right job for the right candidate.


Moving to Green
February 10, 2014

An examination into a balance between going green and managing costs in the hospitality industry.

Value in a Business Plan
April 20, 2015

A new business should always invest in a solid business plan while an existing business should update their business plan every few years to capture new opportunities that surface as the economy shifts and trends change.